SynerTrade, Auction industrial

Auction industrial with SynerTrade skills

Auction industrial

SynerTrade, Auction industrial, Auction industrial with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Auction industrial, Auction industrial with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Auction industrial, Auction industrial with SynerTrade skills


My buying team is limited and I know we have untapped savings opportunities, where can I find a purchasing team which can accelerate my cost reduction program?This product category is purchased by ten different Business Units. I want to consolidate the spend and achieve high savings across the BU’s, we need the assistance of an expert third party.Let’s be clear, we just do not pay attention to a number of non-strategic product categories. I want an expert to squeeze their purchasing costs and rapidly bring savings.
SynerTrade experts will assist you to achieve your objectives via a highly professional, transparent and efficient web-enabled Six Step Purchasing process: SynerGains. SynerTrade will:
  • Consolidate, standardize and harmonize the needs of several BU’s.
  • Challenge and possibly improve the specification of your requirements (make sure the specification opens competition, establish clear quality requirements, redefine and possibly translate logistics specifications,…).
  • Increase competition by bringing in new potential suppliers using our databases, networks and internet search capabilities.
  • Use the power of our ePurchasing platform to analyze the offers and define the best purchasing strategy.
  • Make sure that the suppliers make their best offer through an eAuction or a traditional negotiation.
  • Ensure an effective Project Management delivering results according to schedule each step is validated by our client’s purchasing team.

SynerTrade Value :

  • Extensive experience and data base of information coming from hundreds of global cost reduction and consulting projects across various industries and material groups.
  • Savings based on remuneration model.
  • Excellent references.



Benefits :

  • Reduced purchasing costs.
  • Clearer and potentially standardized specifications.
  • A broader supplier base.
  • Strong synergies between purchasing units.
  • ROI within month.
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