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eMarketplace with SynerTrade skills


SynerTrade, eMarketplace, eMarketplace with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, eMarketplace, eMarketplace with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, eMarketplace, eMarketplace with SynerTrade skills


We have decentralized operations. As CEO, I do not have a clear vision of what my company buys, across all our business units worldwide.” “We have been working for years on our purchasing portfolio, yet I know we can do better. How can I get some help to identify where to focus my purchasing resources?” “We have recently acquired a company. What purchasing synergies can be effectively achieved between our various entities?”

SynerTrade will assist you to accurately and efficiently identify your expenses and focus your sourcing actions on key products or services. This is achieved by:
  • 1. Collecting data in an organized manner:
    Identify all the expenses scattered in the different divisions, plants, business units.
    Interview buyers and assess how they buy, list current contracts and spot product or market constraints.
  • 2. Map and analyze the complete purchasing portfolio
    (both direct and indirect purchasing):

    Establish a purchasing map of all the purchases.
    Identify the potential synergies between all involved parties.
  • 3. Determine the potential for improvements
    (eSourcing, increasing productivity, pricing…).

    Identify all the material groups where savings can be achieved.
    Assess the potential savings and their ease of implementation. 
    Other improvements (to be qualified during the mission).
    Establish a project plan.

SynerTrade Value :

  • An extensive experience of Portfolio Analysis conducted through various businesses, markets and across Europe.
  • Significant databases can provide effective benchmarks.
  • Excellent references.


Benefits :

  • A clear and accurate understanding of your purchasing spend.
  • Concrete savings opportunities.
  • A proposed strategy to achieve such savings.
  • A concrete road map to improve your bottom line or your competitiveness.

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