SynerTrade, eProcurement

eProcurement with SynerTrade skills


SynerTrade, eProcurement, eProcurement with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, eProcurement, eProcurement with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, eProcurement, eProcurement with SynerTrade skills

ST6 Ordering and
Supply Chain Management (SCM)

How can I streamline the order to payment process?” “How can I prevent to be hit by delivery problems? Why is it not possible, that I am informed about problems of my suppliers with their suppliers and sub-suppliers the very moment the problem occurs?” “What is an effective way to eliminate maverick buying and assure that demand is truly consolidated in categories such as maintenance, repair & operations materials (MRO)?” “Could I have my vendors manage my inventory and do the bulk of product data management tasks?

The SynerTrade 6 Ordering and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution is a unique combination of ordering and supply chain management that creates the future vision of X-Automation in the extended enterprise across organizational and legal units.

  • 1. Catalogue Management and Staging Area:
    Support of multiple catalogue formats.
    Catalogue version management tool.
    Catalogue supplier self administration and approval management processes.
  • 2. Requisition & Order Approval Workflow Management:
    Budget, value, organization, product and user based approval workflow management.
    Automatic, multi-step, content sensitive and proxy based approval management.
    Workflow version management.
    Integration with cost center budgeting.
    To-do list and messaging integration.
  • 3. Order to Payment processing solution:
    Cyber Cash Processing.
    Multi format payment approval management.
    Direct Finance and Accounting interfacing.
  • 4. ERP Integration and Web-EDI via SynerTrade 6 Plug-In-ERP:
    Real-time interfaces for logistic, production planning and accounting information.
    SMS, FAX and Web EDI Server.
    Support of scanners, bar code printing and other tracking / tracing technologies.

SynerTrade Value :

  • Simplicity of use due to pure web approach.
  • Complete integration into Sourcing, Contract Management, Cockpit, ERP and Accounting.
  • N:M Design, allowing modelling of independent production, logistics and other units.
  • Decentralized administration approach ensuring minimal set-up and maintenance costs.


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Benefits :

  • Ground breaking improvements of processing times and cost of up to 90%.
  • N:M Supply Chain transparency eliminating unnecessary inventory and overproduction.
  • Process cost savings leading to personal cost improvements in incoming goods, accounting, billing and the purchasing department.
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