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SynerTrade, eProcurement, eProcurement with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, eProcurement, eProcurement with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, eProcurement, eProcurement with SynerTrade skills

ST6 Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

“I want to have better understanding of the complete value chain for goods offered by my suppliers.” If I had visibility of my suppliers value chain, we could achieve win-win deals with suppliers. For example I may be able to achieve savings by using our own packing or logistic provider.” “How can I keep track of cost developments over the product life cycle, check implications of new product variants?
SynerTrade 6 Value Chain Analysis (VCA) provides an integrated overview of cost details along the value chain by offering the following key features :
  • 1. Cost Detailing:
    Defined required cost position blocks.
    Process steps to be detailed by suppliers.
    Requested product concept from suppliers (concept competition).
    Allow for individual extension by suppliers with detailed cost components.
    Elaborated alternative handling.

  • 2. Cost Comparison:
    On cost position level between suppliers.
    Comparison values (calculation, reference, historic).
    Over life time/life cycle of a product.
  • 3. Calculation Database:
    Calculate costs of new products with knowledge gathered about cost components and best approaches on other successful projects.

SynerTrade Value :

  • Backed and implemented by SynerTrade purchasing experts.
  • Highly customizable user interface to improve acceptance within the organization.
  • Integrates frictionless in the complete SynerTrade 6 ePurchasing suite.
  • Built-in support of multiple currencies and multiples languages.
  • Only Internet connection required (no applets, no active-x, no system to be installed locally).

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Benefits :

  • Easy comparison of different production alternatives, product variants, regional distribution costs.
  • Additional negotiation power through precision of analysis.
  • Cost transparency over suppliers value chain.
  • Cost control and cost analysis.
  • Workflow-based, internal and external collaboration (demand aggregation).
  • Eases make-or-buy decisions based on detailed data from a number of suppliers.
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