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Export marketplace with SynerTrade skills


SynerTrade, ePurchasing, Export marketplace with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, ePurchasing, Export marketplace with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, ePurchasing, Export marketplace with SynerTrade skills


How do I know whether purchasing make the best possible contribution to the results of the company?Is purchasing productivity, i.e. the ratio of input to output (or cost to benefit), optimized? How am I positioned compared to other companies in my industry?Which factors are actually correlated with purchasing performance and to what extent?Do we apply systematically ‘best in class’ methods in purchasing? Is my purchasing department ‘best in class’?

SynerTrade has conducted, in cooperation with the BME, a comprehensive, quantitative study with large and mid-size German companies. The study, which was conducted by industry and separately for blue chip companies and mid-size companies, allowed to establish the correlation between value creation in purchasing (measured in terms of material cost reduction) and a number of parameters affecting purchasing performance.

SynerTrade offers an individualized benchmarking providing clear and concise recommendation for purchasing performance improvement. The service includes:

  • Survey through extensive data collection and interviews (purchasing, controlling, Management).
  • Benchmarking compared to top companies (achieving the best purchasing cost reductions) by industry and company size in the areas of:

    - Supplier and article related ratios.
    - Maverick-buying.
    - Operating cost of purchasing function.
    - Organization (reporting, key-commodity management, …).
    - Education level and training of employees.
    - Usage and efficiency of usage of eTools (eSourcing and eProcurement).
    - Purchasing in LCC.
    - Key performance indicator management (measurement and usage).

  • Identification of improvement potentials.

  • Best-Practice recommendations.

SynerTrade Value :

  • Extensive experience and data base of information coming from hundreds of global cost reduction and consulting projects across various industries and material groups.
  • Excellent references.


Benefits :

  • Clear positioning of purchasing performance compared to companies of comparable size, same industry and competitors.
  • Fact based improvement suggestions and best-practice recommendations.
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