SynerTrade, Expense Management

Spend management with SynerTrade skills

Expense Management

SynerTrade, Expense Management, Spend management with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Expense Management, Spend management with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Expense Management, Spend management with SynerTrade skills

SynerTrade 6 

SynerTrade 6 is the ultimate suite on the market to enhance the efficiency and visibility of the purchasing process of a company. SynerTrade 6 delivers a high ROI based on its innovative technology designed by buyers for buyers.
Its 10 functional modules can be grouped into 4: Sourcing, Procurement, Suppliers Monitoring and Spend Monitoring.

  • Sourcing is a software suite to organize, streamline and automate the calls for tenders management, from requirement fine-tuning to final supplier selection, including the automated value chain and bids analysis:
    ST6 SynerTools eRFx facilitates: creation of teamwork zones to glean the requirements of each purchasing project, automated collection and consolidation of bids, structuring of supplier bids.
    ST6 SynerTools eAuctions enables negotiation via electronic auctions.
    ST6 Analysis and Optimization allows purchasing teams to make the most of their negotiations by proposing the most suitable negotiating strategies according to a selection of criteria (price, quality, logistics, etc...).

 ST6 Value Chain Analysis (VCA) assists buyers understand the cost structure of the suppliers’ bids and develop new innovative value chain concepts jointly with suppliers.
  • Procurement  is a software suite to optimize costs and deadlines of the procurement process:
    ST6 Procurement & Ordering provides complete control and follow-up of orders throughout the supply chain.
  • Suppliers Monitoring is a set of innovative solutions to benchmark suppliers, measure their performance and manage negotiated contracts.
    ST6 Supplier Management System (SMS) is an integrated tool for managing the suppliers panel and measuring their performance.
    ST6 Contract Management enables optimal management of on-line and off-line agreements.
  • Spend Monitoring offers a wide range of software solutions to analyze company’s spends managed through heterogeneous IT systems and have a global view of purchasing within the organization.
    ST6 Cockpit is a web portal offering direct access to all purchasing department applications: eRFx, auctions, ERP, catalogues, contract management.
    ST6 Spend Analysis (SES) facilitates the collection, gathering and cleaning of data for the analysis and the follow-up of the global spends of the company.
    ST6 Met@ Time & Expense Management enables quick reporting and enhances the financial management of expenses.

SynerTrade 6 Plug-In ERP allows SynerTrade 6 to be fully integrated into major ERP systems.

SynerTrade 6 is available in ASP mode and can also be installed behind firewalls.
It is backed by a full set of services including: technical integration, customer support and a deployment program.

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