SynerTrade, Importer marketplace

Importer marketplace with SynerTrade skills

Importer marketplace

SynerTrade, Importer marketplace, Importer marketplace with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Importer marketplace, Importer marketplace with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Importer marketplace, Importer marketplace with SynerTrade skills


The Members of the extended Executive Board are:

Dr. Eberhard Aust Dr. Eberhard Aust is the CEO of SynerTrade. He is in charge of Finance, Technology and Consulting. Before co-founding Trade2B in 2000 and SynerTrade in 2005, Eberhard was a Senior Manager at McKinsey where he worked on numerous purchasing and supply chain issues in the electronics, retail, consumer goods and mechanical engineering industries. Eberhard has a PhD in Marketing from the University of Karlsruhe.

Extended Management

Patrick Chabannes is Director of SynerTrade France. He joined SynerTrade in 2006 after selling his own software company. He started his career at Digital as IT Engineer in '84. In '92 he joined Spring Groupe as Sales Engineer. In '95 he was promoted to Head of Sales and Head of IT Purchase (25M€/80%Turnover). In 2000 as Corporate Account Manager for AXA & PSA, he developed the Fujitsu Software business. He created OLAS Software, Content Management for SAP R/3, in 2004 and continued with the Training Session for Halifax Consulting.

Renaud Châtelier has joined SynerTrade in 2003 as Quality and Production manager. He industrialized the proceses and set the new technical organization of SynerTrade group (France, Germany, Romania) after the merger of SynerDeal and Trade2b in 2005. As an engineer in computer science, Renaud started his carreer in large organizations like France Telecom and Alstom  where he was responsible for the emebeded network onboard the TGV. Then Renaud managed during 6 years the IT departments of the Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires  before moving to AchatPro (eProcurement) where he was during 3 years the Technical director. As CTO of SynerTrade his mission is to confirm the European leading position of the group as a software editor.

Rainer Machek is in charge of “DACH” (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) Sales to Major Corporate Accounts. Rainer worked in different sales management functions for 10 years. Then he was an independent consultant for eight years. He consulted on sales strategy for companies like Hewlett Packard, ALNO, Mannesmann, Osram and Phoenix. In 2001 he joined Trade2B as sales manager and head of the Marketing department, before quickly becoming a “Partner.”

Markus Schaefer is Director of Sales and Operations of SynerTrade. He joined SynerTrade in 2004 as Head of Operations and has worked since then on several accounts as e.g. Sirona, Hatz Diesel, PFW, Miba, Still, Audi and others. After just 5 months he additionally took over extensive sales responsibility for consulting services and software. After 4 years spent at Procter & Gamble as Manager Process Development he worked for 5 years at MTU / DaimlerChrysler first as Teamleader Purchasing then as Head of Procurement office in Asia (based in Singapore). Before he joined SynerTrade, he headed the Strategic Sourcing Department of Gardena. Markus holds a Masters Degree in Engineering of the University of Stuttgart and University of Arizona.

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