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Software on demand

SynerTrade, Software on demand, Software on demand
SynerTrade, Software on demand, Software on demand
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SynerTrade, Software on demand, Software on demand

ST6 Plug-In ERP

I am using one or multiple ERP systems. How can I connect them to my SynerTrade 6 solutions (Contract Management, Ordering, Sourcing…)?I want to integrate my R&D Systems (e.g. Matrix One®) to a sourcing system and then create the new materials with the suppliers automatically in my ERP system.How do I pass quality, transaction data and financial information to my strategic supplier management system?
The SynerTrade 6 Plug-In ERP module is the ultimate integration solution in the procurement arena:
  • Real-time access to the ERP material master data from multiple ERP systems.
  • One click creation of RFx/Auction from a requisition or contract.
  • Supplier database consolidation across ERP, development and other systems.
  • Contract creation or order in your target ERP system from your negotiation results.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) to all your Purchasing Systems.
  • Access to numerous additional ERP master data.
  • Web-based administration console with transaction tracking and error logging.
  • 1:n architecture supporting the consolidation of a multitude of systems.

SynerTrade Value :

  • Clients fully benefit from SynerTrade 6 - the best of breed ePurchasing suite on the market.
  • GUI based interface editor and administration console.
  • Attractive license models that do not require “per user/per transaction license” as with major ERP vendors.
  • Preconfigured interfaces to leading ERP systems and middleware providers.
  • Java based architecture running on virtually all operating systems and hardware.


Benefits :

  • Rapid process cost savings by seamless real time ERP integration with complete replication of ERP material, suppliers, contract master data, and requisitions in the web-based sourcing system.
  • XML based interface editor allowing interface maintenance and update without programming knowledge.
  • Support of multitude of formats incl. XML, iDOC, OCI, CVS, TXT and technologies web-services, ftp, ZOPE…
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