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SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills

Consulting and
Implementation Partners

Our Consulting and Implementation Partners know our Software solutions and offer corresponding Professional Services during the evaluation, implementation, integration, roll-out and operations phase. Those Professional Services range from consulting services about purchasing organizations, processes and strategies via customization services to services around the global operations of the systems.

/datas/images/Cap-Gemini.gifCapgemini is divided into three divisions Consulting Services: The mission is to contribute to the business transformation and economic performance improvement of organizations based on in-depth knowledge of their industries and processes. Technology Services: These services call upon the ability and expertise to design and integrate technological solutions, exploit innovation, and transform the technical environment. They are closely allied to consulting services in such cases where upgrading and transforming IT systems are directly tied to the clients’ organizational and strategic priorities. Outsourcing Services: This activity involves taking charge of all or part of the management of a client’s IT resources. Capgemini has developed a range of services that call for expertise in IT systems management, business process management and pricing flexibility in order to maximize the cost/performance ratio. Business Process Outsourcing allows clients to outsource major support functions such as accounting or procurement.

L'image “/datas/images/Care%20Consulting.jpg” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.CARE Consulting Services acts in ICT matters in the same way an architect operates in construction business. They are independent and focused towards a professional and successful management of your ICT projects. CARE Consulting Services manages and leads functional and technical projects.

L'image “/datas/images/csc.gif” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) was founded in 1959 and has its headquarters in El Segundo, California with reported revenue of $13.8 billion for the 12 months ended January 2, 2004.  This company has helped its clients around the world to manage and profit from every major wave of change in information technology (IT) for more than 40 years. While many people talk about successful partnerships, CSC believes it is best achieved through developing a thorough understanding of the real world needs and problems a business is facing. With this unique understanding, CSC goes beyond simple fixes to truly innovative, effective solutions. With approximately 90,000 employees, CSC offers companies the best total solutions they need to grow and prosper. These include consulting, systems integration and outsourcing. 

L'image “/datas/images/Hans-Becker.jpg” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.Hans Becker Unternehmensberatung is an abstract management and strategy consultancy. Hans Becker’s core business is to optimize costs of indirect material regardless of industry and to deliver measurable results. Their consultants analyze and organize systematically your indirect material. They operate independently and dispose of deep knowledge of each supply market.

L'image “/datas/images/ibm.jpg” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.IBM Business Consulting Services combines premium industry and business process insight with leading technology expertise and innovation to provide superior strategic change and business and technology solutions. Backed by consultants with deep experience in major industries across the globe, as well as unparalleled research capabilities, IBM Business Consulting Services offers penetrating thought leadership and insight throughout the organization for a more complete, 360-degree view. With onsite, outsourced, or on demand delivery capabilities, and accountability for results, IBM Business Consulting Services is a different kind of partner delivering the full equation.

L'image “/datas/images/Ineum.jpg” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.INEUM consulting combines functional and sectoral expertise for more effectiveness and relevance in the project transformation control. From definition of the initial vision, often strategic, until implementation, INEUM consulting accompanies the companies in their transformation, contributing to make them more powerful. The characteristic of INEUM consulting is its major knowledge of the purposes of the organizations, the information systems of the trades and the great functions of the companies. Targeting the comprehension of the needs, INEUM consulting is a key partner in the phases of vision and design of your projects, approached with the independence of judgment and the objectivity, which the structure authorizes us. After these phases of vision and design, INEUM consulting accompanies you in operational implementing to guarantee the reach of the objectives determined in the phases upstream.

/datas/images/KSA.jpgKurt Salmon Associates is the premier global solutions provider focused exclusively on the leading consumer products suppliers and retailers. KSA helps clients achieve significant gains through strategic growth solutions, superior product performance, and comprehensive technology deployment. From concept to consumer, KSA helps clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific achieve lasting, meaningful improvements that create true distinction in the marketplace.


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