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Sourcing with SynerTrade skills


SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills


One plus one yields three.

A Partnership with SynerTrade is beneficial to all parties: Customers get more value through the combination of the specific core competencies of the Partners. Partners generate more business and wider market coverage. Together with our Partners, we strive to combine our respective core competencies in the area of purchasing technologies, professional services, consulting and content for the benefit of our customers. With our joint offering, we are able to meet at best the specific needs of our customers in order to maximize their results out of cooperation with us.

  • Consulting & Implementation Partners
    Our Consulting and Implementation Partners know our Software solutions and offer corresponding Professional Services during the evaluation, implementation, integration, roll-out and operations phase.  Professional Services include purchasing processes and strategies consultation via customized services and global operations of the systems.

  • Technology & Content Partners
    To provide benchmark purchasing solutions, we need to offer best-in-class technology in every connected area. SynerTrade cooperates with selected technology providers whenever possible to increase the value for our customers. We work with our Technology Partners together in the area of base technology, interfaces, functionality enhancements and additional modules. With the respective strengths of our Content partners, we are able to offer a wide range of qualitative information to our customers, including supplier identification, financial evaluation and technical information.

  • Organizations
    SynerTrade is member of different organizations offering us information and communication opportunities with experts, potential customers and market leaders. This continuous know-how exchange with Buyers Associations, Education Institutions, Universities, Think Tanks, etc., ensures our lead in niche technologies and Services. 

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