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SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Sourcing, Sourcing with SynerTrade skills

Code of ethics

When SynerTrade is in charge of conducting a consultation, its consultants abide by the highest standards of integrity in all their dealings with suppliers. All consultants working for SynerTrade pledge to honor the following terms (within the extent of his or her knowledge and of the information disclosed by the client).

1. General provisions

SynerTrade guarantee:

  • To provide high-quality information to suppliers.
  • Respect individuals in all circumstances.
  • Treat potential suppliers in a meticulously fair and impartial manner. Any supplier taking part in a negotiation (auction or traditional negotiation) may be selected if their bid ranks among the most attractive one. There are no “pacemakers”.
  • Keep the eSourcing process entirely transparent.
  • Share any information that may help suppliers improve their technical and commercial bid and ensure all suppliers taking part in a consultation have access to all relevant information.
  • Keep all sensitive information strictly confidential.
  • In the supplier selection process, SynerTrade does everything it possibly can to ensure its client makes an unbiased choice based on price and quality criteria only.  

2. Selecting suppliers
SynerTrade’s intermediary role entails fulfilling all client expectations. SynerTrade will not  use suppliers if they employ children (under 15 years of age) or forced labor, apply discriminatory policies, operate in working conditions which may seriously harm employee health, or are not involved in an environment-protection initiative.    

3. Gifts
Gifts that may sway receivers, or otherwise aimed at eliciting favors in return, are unacceptable.


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