SynerTrade, Strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing with SynerTrade skills

Supplier Relationship Management

SynerTrade, Strategic sourcing, Strategic sourcing with SynerTrade skills
SynerTrade, Strategic sourcing, Strategic sourcing with SynerTrade skills
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SynerTrade, Strategic sourcing, Strategic sourcing with SynerTrade skills

ST6 Contract Management 

Which contracts do I have to renegotiate this month, because they expire in the next quarter?What legal documents should be attached when I close a contract with a Chinese supplier?How do I comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act?What percentage of my orders is based on contracts & master agreements and how big is the problem of maverick buying?How can I speed up the approval workflow for contracts?

SynerTrade 6 Contract Management enables a simple and effective management of all purchasing contracts across your organization.
  • 1. Contract Database & Material Master (Product) Database:/datas/images/contract-management.jpg
    Complete organization wide database of all purchasing contracts.
    Easy search for contracts by material group (commodity), product, contact person, supplier, etc...
    Mapping across organizational units, unifying classification schemas and wording.

  • 2. Contract Approval and Renewal Workflow Management:
    Contract expiration reminder management.
    Negotiation progress management on a product by product database.
    Escalation management.
    Approval team management and supplier contact modelling.
    Supplier collaboration on contracts finalization and online supplier approval management of changes.

  • 3. Internal Contract Publication and Access Right Management:
    Powerful View & Access Right management differentiated by division, organizational unit, role, commodity and other criteria.
    Pdf Generation for physical contract signing.

  • 4. Contract Audit Trail, Change Tracking and Version Management:
    Full documentation of all older contract versions and negotiation results.
    Audit-Trail of all contract modifications also in the negotiation phase (who, what, when, etc.).

SynerTrade Value :

  • One click conversion of negotiation results/placing scenario into draft contract.
  • Powerful contract and approval workflow template management.
  • One click creation of RFx from existing contracts.
  • Powerful Product (Material) and Product (Material) Component Data Base.
  • Real-time exchange/updating of contracts to one or multiple ERP systems (via SynerTrade 6 Plug-In-ERP).
  • Handling contracts resulting from online & offline negotiations.


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Benefits :

  • Reduction of the negotiation to contract time of up to 80%.
  • Significant savings due to increase of Contract compliant purchases.
  • Quantum Leap in knowledge management and best practice sharing.
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